Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More!! pic fest!

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks we went from lock up to fix in a week which means all skirting boards architraves and kitchen bathroom cabinets are in really happy with the colours! - are you ready for this we are getting paint this week - it does not look like he will slow up - so just before Easter is looking good - what a birthday present that would be!!! anyway enough talk let the piccies speak for themselves!

Sorry one other note - I got david from outdoor creations (a landscape architect) to come out to give us some ideas for our landscaping with our budget - he was absolutely fantastic so to all not having a clue about landscaping he is definately the man to go to! will try to upload a dodgy picture of what we might do.

study with skirtings and architraves the garden will be English with a hedge up the top so you will not see the road.

our guest bedroom/ main bedroom when kids get older downstairs.

downstairs ensuite - the cupboards are a matt brown it looks like there are streaks but that is just dust!

our upstairs bedroom /future one of the girls when they are old enough to fight it out we know when we will move downstairs!

upstairs bathroom - have pointed out that there is no glazing which means we can see the neighbours and this is not allowed - they are going to fix.

Ciaras bedroom

Graces bedroom/future guest room - heaven help those guests!

downstairs powder room - loving it!

kitchen -wow what a benchtop all 110 cms of it!

pic withe the moulding on it and start of roof - should be finished in the next couple of days.

another kitchen shot

My sons view the best in the house

bit out of wack - this is the deck outside our bedroom upstairs.

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