Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 94 Update - Sunday

Went to the block no plaster so we decided to put more batts that they had left in the ceiling - garage bricking is finished and carpenter has been putting up decking in the upstairs balcony. We found one window would not shut and then discovered the reason was it was so badly mangled - on our list to replace - guess my weekly call tommorow will cover this!
I hated putting batts in! makes you very itchy - we wore protective clothing - I am still itchy!! we have decided to go with black concrete with brick border and a sunken brick decorative bit in the middle since it is a large driveway.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Having to Move

Not much fun - but we are moving to my parents as the real estate agent has told us the landlords are selling - don't particulary want to have to go through that again so we have organised a pod (fabulous things they are) and we are starting our packing tommorow - best get to bed its going to be a big day!!!

Movement this week

SS has come back from leave and met with him onsite on Monday! he agreed with all the issues we had and had them fixed on Tuesday! he has had a busy week - us on Monday, Bricks cleaned on Tuesday, eaves painted Wednesday, scaffolding down Thursday and today plaster! on Saturday he was too full to eat - sorry that is the catapillar story! and I bet all you want is pictures! here they are: does not look like this will work - our SS gave the heating people the chance to fix - they have said it will work -we will see!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

update photos bricks

11 Jan Bricks are looking good!!

Bricking Started

4 Dec 09 Brickies have started -- was not too sure of the colour when I saw the bricks on the pallets but am loving the colour now!


2 Dec 09 Downstairs wrapping is on, some windows and bricks have arrived. Also the front doors -- they are not the colour by the way!! they will be cream!!

Roof Roof!

26 Nov
A team of 5 guys in two days did our roof - good job no probs!


The frame was completed in two days! not bad for a two storey home! The only problem is that there were quite a few studs that did not butt up properly - we are still trying to get these fixed (in one spot there are three pieces of wood on top of each other - but not one of them is secured properly! also note clean site!

Nearly at lockup

Gee I know I am slack! but it takes time to do these blogs. After getting a very fast start out of the blocks we are nearly at plaster stage. There seems to be a few issues ducting/venting to outside/ electricals plumbing etc that need to be fixed prior to plastering. Plastering was to happen on th 11 Jan but was pushed back to 19 Jan but still things need to be rectified so will need to be pushed back further. Looking at getting a landscaper architect in to give us a plan to have to work to later - we have no idea! and since we have a few challenges in that department we thought it would be a good idea. Christmas has been very quiet but we went past on Boxing Day and lo and behold the brickies were there! they have now started on the garage so not long until the outside will be done.