Monday, February 22, 2010

Update 22 Feb - getting closer

Well today after dropping my son off at school (he got a Principal's award that I am so proud of) I went past the house - my SS was there and had a chat - the painter was going to start today! yay! will try to get in sometime this week to see the colours and take some piccies.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Okay will launch into it - alot of help from David. The red part is the driveway which will be in black concrete bordered with house bricks and a brick emblem in the middle of the expanse. The yellow will be stairs coming down into the house - eventually in sandstone - you will be able to drive over it and either park or reverse into and drive out of the house.

The yellowy green behind the garage will be plain concrete which we can drive through on to wash cars hide trailers/ hang washing/play basketball. The green at back of house will be rough concrete which we will tile in similar tiles as inside.

The blue lines are wooden retaining walls 70 cm high with steps from either side of the alfresco.

on the top of the blue line are going to be Capital pear trees spaced two metres apart to provide shade and "dappled light" (david's words) in summer and allow sun in in winter. At the bottom of the garden we will plant bamboo that is on the other side of the fence to give a good thick screen in time.

Down the length of the house will be the kids play area (so I can see them through the pantry window) - not that I don't trust them at all!

In the future we are thinking of a pool in the back left corner which we would make level with the second retaining wall - in the future - this may be a long time off!

We will also retain to the left hand fence and use an actual screen.

This will keep me busy for a while at least!

The front will be bordered by hedges and mass plantings in the garden beds.

Work in progress!!

More!! pic fest!

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks we went from lock up to fix in a week which means all skirting boards architraves and kitchen bathroom cabinets are in really happy with the colours! - are you ready for this we are getting paint this week - it does not look like he will slow up - so just before Easter is looking good - what a birthday present that would be!!! anyway enough talk let the piccies speak for themselves!

Sorry one other note - I got david from outdoor creations (a landscape architect) to come out to give us some ideas for our landscaping with our budget - he was absolutely fantastic so to all not having a clue about landscaping he is definately the man to go to! will try to upload a dodgy picture of what we might do.

study with skirtings and architraves the garden will be English with a hedge up the top so you will not see the road.

our guest bedroom/ main bedroom when kids get older downstairs.

downstairs ensuite - the cupboards are a matt brown it looks like there are streaks but that is just dust!

our upstairs bedroom /future one of the girls when they are old enough to fight it out we know when we will move downstairs!

upstairs bathroom - have pointed out that there is no glazing which means we can see the neighbours and this is not allowed - they are going to fix.

Ciaras bedroom

Graces bedroom/future guest room - heaven help those guests!

downstairs powder room - loving it!

kitchen -wow what a benchtop all 110 cms of it!

pic withe the moulding on it and start of roof - should be finished in the next couple of days.

another kitchen shot

My sons view the best in the house

bit out of wack - this is the deck outside our bedroom upstairs.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Such a Slacker heaps of work!!!

upstairs games room
my sons first day at school and his first walk up the stairs to see his room - so excited!!

doors that will be through the house

skirting and architraves

harry potters under the stairs (lucky we have no nephews! Yet:)

Bricking complete - have heaps of bricks left over to do a bbq or steps or something!!