Friday, March 12, 2010

yet even closer!!!!

Hope you are all well!! we are getting closer spoke to the site supervisor yesterday and he thinks that we are 3 to 4 weeks - he is going great guns and really good work. Tiling is going to be finished on Monday - really nice tiling guys = happened to be at the house just as they had started and he said are you the owner I have a problem! so I went in and he said he could not align the pebbles by 10mm I said fine as long as they are all aligned which he did - very happy with the result = mind you he had to put more pebbles down oh what a shame. They also delivered the wrong tiles but that got rectified that day = I tried to say they could lay them as they were beautiful porcelain tiles:) but he said they are horrible to clean!
all the door furniture is on all electricals done and tiling finishing on Monday so will try to get more photos and upload then!

I have even managed to go and buy a table in prep for the move = now I just need a place for it!! what do you think??

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  1. Hi Lisa! Would love to hear how things are going, so curious to see if you did get to move over the Easter break! The house looks great! We have just got to lock up and I'd be interested to know how quick you got from there to PCI. I really hope you are enjoying your new home! Warm Regards, Elizabeth